RSS Feeds - Help

RSS Feeds — Help

What is it?

RSS is the acronym for “Really Simple Syndication”, which is an easy way to know when a given site (e.g. a news site) has been updated without having to check the site.

At the moment this site offers the upcoming events list as an RSS feed, through the following address: Upcoming Events.

How can I use the RSS feeds?

You have to use a feed aggregator (sometimes called a ‘feed reader’ or an ‘RSS reader’) for that purpose. There are web-based aggregators, that you can use without installing any software on your computer, and software you can install on your PC to be able to read these feeds.

After installing an aggregator (or subscribing for an online aggregator), you just have to add the address of the feed you want to check to the list of feeds of the feed aggregator.

Some existing feed aggregators

You can also check Wikipedia for a comprehensive list of feed aggregators.


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